Thursday, January 18, 2018

It's True...I Love Plumped Pillows, Comfy Couches and Fuzzy Slippers

To Today's Response Team...

“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them”


Nobody seemed to mind that it was no one's birthday...
there was a candle they each had a turn to blow out,
there was singing and there was leftover cake with blue icing!

Touch it
Tease it
Taste it
Squeeze it
Shake it
Break it
Don’t grumble
Life is what
We make of it

© Janet Martin

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


 I have no idea why but listening to this...

 inspired this...

If moments had sound
would they splash the ground like rain
or dash like pelting sleet
Would they run in rivulets
down the lane
to pool in poems at our feet
Or would they land
like sugared sand
on outstretched hands and tongues
Where we would twirl
And twirl
like yester’s girl,
forever and ever 

If moments made noise
would they be
like a blushing school boy’s 
Or would they dance
In footloose romance
like Bach’s 
violin concertos
Or maybe they would surge,
in salt-spray splurge
of rhinestones 
...a gold and silver shiver
tossed against a
backdrop of twilight’s
and turquoise river

If we could hear a moment
would it fox-trot
or tango
… or pop like a 
rainbowed soap bubble
Would it melt
 like a flake of snow
or, fade like the afterglow
of trouble
if we heard a moment
ah,  would it
 tiptoe out of bed
all sleepy-headed 
looking for
a bit
of buttered bread…

© Janet Martin

Premeditated Praise

 A rare not pre-planned day so I went on a few-hour trek...
The good part of living where all the neighbors are friend/family
is the free reign to any 'back-forty' one wishes to wander;-)
...and ponder the somber shades of life as well as the glory-glints!
The Creator tints every single slope... with Hope. 
Hallelujah, even when the scene is blurred with tears stars!

Oh, isn’t He just Someone to behold
He washes out the dark with seas of gold
The leafless tree is decked in diamond dust
And yet…somehow we are averse to trust

Oh, isn’t He just Someone to adore
His majesty no mortal can ignore
He gathers up the ashes of spent fire
And scatters it ‘neath dashes of desire

Where footloose, fancy-free soon snares its feet
On vines bent with Time’s treasure, bittersweet
For oft the rush of who-what-when-why-how
Makes us forget His gift of here and now

Oh, isn’t He just Someone to applaud
No one and nothing can compare to God
For who of us the art of earth begets
Or boasts because the sun rises and sets

Oh isn’t He just Someone to entrust
With life’s soul-suffused follicle of dust?
Where in and out of season His design
Births bud that bears the fruit that bends the vine

© Janet Martin

For The Far Bigger Picture...

 Lest we under-estimate 
(during our love-hate relationship with life's gifts and crosses)
...the bigger picture

Fit for far more than task galore or fingertips that feel
Their way along rock-shores that jut beneath time's foaming keel
This surging splurge of come and go, of urge and its respite
Tackles the apples of time’s eye with death-designed delight

Twixt truth and make-believe youth tosses darling daydreams high
She poises on Her tippy-toes to almost touch the sky
Ballerina in middle-twirl; then Time collects its dues
It gathers up the little girl and steals her dancing shoes

For we are fit for far, far more than wish-worlds beck and call
Or worn-out work shoes weighting feet where seasons rise and fall
As Time goes by we realize Love’s Grand Futility
Without a far, far higher Prize than simply what we see

The one True God that cups Favor’s Façade in days and years
That strips the petal from the bloom that pricks our smiles with tears
Made us for far, far more than this mist, frost-kissed shadowland
There is a heaven waiting for the one who holds His hand

© Janet Martin

 Carry One Another's Burdens
The one who sows to please his flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; 
 but the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.
Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to the family of faith.…


visited my sister-in-law Karen last night...she is in good spirits
(with a mischievous grin she added 'morphine is a beautiful thing')
but of course she would love to be home!
 Pray she can see a specialist soon, and for her INR issues to be resolved so it is safe to leave the hospital without fear of blood-clots.