Friday, July 27, 2012

Moody and Vexed

Twilight descends in layered blue
Quite befitting, I suppose
For it arouses thoughts of you
So far away and yet so close
In remnant wisps and twists perplexed
Tonight the sky is moody; vexed

Time is not tangible to grip
And yet I feel it amplify
That space beyond my fingertips
Broadening twixt you and I
In remnant wisps and twists perplexed
Tonight my heart is moody; vexed

The evening sky is sullen; still
In solemn robes of cobalt hue
It draws you close against my will
And I succumb to missing you
In remnant wisps and twists perplexed
The evening air is moody; vexed

© Janet Martin

The heavy quiet tonight feels like the evening is mourning
the swift passage of summer...
...and life


I Won't Forget You  Jim Reeves


  1. The last line of this poem is fantastic! I love it.

  2. Beautifully written...gorgeous photos....

  3. You capture the mood so well here. Love this write!


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